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Some Guy 6 years ago
Maaaan i hate wasted potential this coulda been a real good video, director sucks lol and these are the natural beauties that are seen once and never again :(
jake 7 years ago
love those full black lips. made for cock sucking
Joe 7 years ago
Always loved face fucking black girls, they suck good and gag but try and take all of your cock in
Bob 7 years ago
Every house should have a bitch like that
african american 7 years ago
woman has perfect lips for sucking cock if i had this doll sucking me i would have cummed in record time
joe 7 years ago
reminds me of my gf, wouldn't mind sharing her either ;)
Odain 3 years ago
I need a girl that will do that
3 years ago
She's so pretty
Real Black Man 5 years ago
She is very sexy and love her skin tone! She looks East African. Maybe Kenyan.
dee 6 years ago
i need those perfect lips around my big cock right now and cum a load.